Get organized and spend more time at “your” beach…
Get organized and spend more time at “your” beach…

What our customers say about us

“Thank you so much for coming by and helping me get through all the paperwork I had. You did a great job on helping me organize it and file it. When I look back at it, you had a unique way on how you surveyed the scene and knew exactly what to do and got me on it right away. You set up my filing system so it was easily accessible to put everything in its proper order, whoo hoo!!! And after all that you got me to organize my bill paying to make it easier to pay my bills on time!!! To me, that was above and beyond the normal job! And after all that you even offered to help me organize my house, hanging pictures and things! You really like to exchange! Thanks again for your help! I can't wait for you to come back!”


Business Owner

“I’m an artist and have a studio in my house that needed some major repairs (walls, flooring) so I had to remove everything in order for the work to be done. Since this was a good opportunity to re-organize the whole room and space (I have a LOT) of artwork, dolls, cabinets, furniture and supplies in this studio) and I wanted to optimize the space. Margie helped me make a space planning drawing, scaled down on paper, with cutouts (also scaled down) of furniture so I could re-arrange my room “on paper” without actually having to move big furniture around to see what fit best and where – this was huge help in rearranging my room and available space and she also had the brilliant idea of utilizing a large closet to house my large paper storage drafting cabinet – this really freed up one wall of my room so I could really spread out my art/doll collection! Margie has a “knack” for space planning as well as organizing and I even took her advice on “just go through one box at a time” instead of looking at the whole huge projects of boxes and getting overwhelmed! Before I knew it I was done! I would recommend her highly for any projects like this!”



“I’m a homemaker and great grandmother and have been living in my home for over 25 years now and I am not the most organized person. Margie not only de-kludged my garage, basement, attic and tool shed, she even organized my linen closet and kitchen cupboards and drawers… with labels!! She even alphabetized my large spice rack! Now I can find any spice so quickly which saved me a lot of time searching for the right spice. She even organized an entire file system for me so the boxes of papers, bank statements, medical records, etc. are now all neatly filed in a file cabinet and she even made a smaller ‘working’ file tucked neatly away in the living room so I can conveniently keep my files up-to-date! She has sold many no-longer-needed items for me and even organized and held a household sale for two days. Now the entire house is cleaned up, organized, all unneeded items and clutter are gone! You can even walk down into the basement now and actually get to the circuity breaker box! Now I know quickly and easily where to put everything and finding anything now is a breeze! I used to spend hours looking for things – now I know right where to look and this has saved me so much time – I actually have time to read all my books now! I highly recommend her! It’s never too late to get organized!”


Homemaker, Great Grandmother

“As an engineer and business owner I’m a fairly organized person. But very busy and my job takes me out of town regularly. And having moved from one house to another recently, my filing system was not exactly in great order and my office ended up being a catch-all for everything I didn’t know where else to put for now. So I hired Maggie, having seen her organizing skills firsthand, I knew she could put some order into my life! And what a difference it makes to have organized, neatly labeled files and an office dekluged of clutter. It’s an actual office now, with supplies to hand, every cabinet labeled and everything literally easy to find and at my fingertips! No more searching for tape refills, unburying the printer paper out of the closet, spending way too much time looking for everything! I’m now in organized and don't even mind filing stuff now! She also has some unique decorating ideas as well!"


Engineer/Business Owner

“As a homeowner preparing to sell my house, I was a bit overwhelmed with the task. So I asked Maggie to help me with some re-organizing to make my place look more saleable. She was able to quickly assess my current layout and suggest a re-plan of the spaces in my bedroom, living room and kitchen. She rearranged the furniture in my bedroom which opened up the space around the bed and access to the closet. She even removed some draperies so more light entered the room and rehung decorations and pictures so the room looked more aesthetic! It was a much better utilization of space and brightened up the whole room. In the living room she re-arranged the furniture which opened up the room and the space just flowed better. She even did the same in the kitchen! I almost decided to cancel the move and stay in the house after her improvements to all the rooms!”



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