Get organized and spend more time at “your” beach…
Get organized and spend more time at “your” beach…

About Us

     Life is so simple when it's organized. I believe everything should have its place and no time should ever be spent "looking" for things. And since I can't seem to stop myself from organizing store shelves that I just happen to be passing by while shopping, or re-arranging the entire store's greeting cards section, I decided to make this my profession. I also have a fine art background and decorating experience and love to create aesthetic spaces, as well as organized ones. I feel the two go hand-in-hand!

     I have been organizing and decorating since I can remember, from my own closets and spaces to everyone else’s. And as I've helped so many of my friends and family over the years, this is what I do best.

     I have always kept fairly organized myself and typically know where everything is - I just don't spend time "looking" since everything has it's place, everything is filed, everything is labeled and it just makes life so much easier... and I prefer to spend my time at the beach whenever possible :-)

     The company name "Octopus Organizing" was chosen as I envisioned the concept of having multiple arms and working very fast. I'm a multi-tasker and this seemed to fit the concept, along with a love of the beach and ocean.

     Most of the time I live in Aptos, CA, just east of Santa Cruz. But I do spend some part of the year in Rochester, NY, my original home town and where my family still lives - I often visit for months at a time, especially during the xmas holidays and winter. I have done organizing work in both areas, so don't hesitate to contact me!

    Let's get you organized too... so you can spend more time at "your" beach!

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Maggie Nakas

Phone: 585-703-1321



Located and operating in both the Santa Cruz County area in California and Monroe and Wayne Counties in New York State.

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